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How To Cleanse Your Lungs With The Right Herbs

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

How to Cleanse the Lungs

Mother nature has provided plenty of offerings for the good of lungs everywhere. Herbs such as Oregano, can serve your lungs and entire respiratory system with a number of actions:

  • Opening up airways to allow a better flow of oxygen around the body.

  • Relieving congestion and inflamed nasal passages.

  • Relaxing the muscles associated with the respiratory system.

  • Soothing soreness of the body and stress of the mind.

One of the most common ways of cleansing the respiratory system is adding herbs to hot water and inhaling the steam to get the therapeutic goodness straight into your lungs. Here is a list of herbs commonly used to fortify and cleanse the lungs:


Infamously anti-inflammatory, Ginger Root Tea is a powerful panacea for a sore throat as well as clearing lung congestion.


A lung tonic often recommended by Dr. Sebi, Mullein helps to cleanse your system of common respiratory symptoms like coughs and colds.


This common kitchen herb contains special components bestowing it with desirable decongestion properties; ideal for cleansing your airways and opening your lungs. Oregano is also a natural antihistamine, protecting you from mold, dust, and other inflammatory chemicals in your environment. This Homemade Vinaigrette is a tasty way to get more oregano into your diet, as well as more thyme.


Thyme has a long history as a treatment for coughs in Europe. This herb is as delicious as it is therapeutic, possessing potent antibacterial and mucous-clearing properties. Thyme is exceptionally safe to use for cleansing the lungs.

"Mucus is the cause of every disease.

Eliminate the mucus then you eliminate the disease."

- Dr. Sebi

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Deslene Dowdy
Deslene Dowdy

Awesome information. Thank you!

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