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Although previously recognized for his heartfelt gospel rap lyrics and life changing teaching ministry, life started off as anything but easy for this Queens, NY native.  Turning to a life of hustling at the age of 11, locked up by 16 for two ounces of cocaine - shot at, beat half to death with a crow bar and gun - life in the streets came with a painful price.  As he stood facing 8 to 15 years in jail, in desperation Joseph cried out to God (Yahweh), who intervened, turning an 8-15 year probability into a 3 year sentence.

And this would become the turning point in a life wrought with pain and an internal searching and yearning for peace that seemed unattainable.  While in prison, Joseph would go on surrender his life to Christ Yahshua and discover a thirst for The Father's Word, which became the catalyst for the many fellow inmates he was blessed to lead to Christ Yahshua; as well those impacted by the ministries he was put in charge of while in jail!  Pouring out on paper, the love and gratitude in his heart to The Father, Joseph's music ministry would be birthed behind the prison bars.


Leaving prison with degrees and a plan, Minista Whisper was born and the floodgates of YAH's favor rushed in.  Going on to win a Sammy Music Award in Syracuse NY, a Tiffany Music Award in the Bronx, a Akademia Music Award, performing at Super bowl 46, honored by HBO, documentaries & newspaper articles, hosting two radio shows, and traveling all around the country ministering in sermon and in song to prisoners, church members, concert attendees and Joseph Dowdy is a new man, with a new heart and a new hustle.  Today he can truly testify that the doors that The Most High, Yahweh, opens, when we completely surrender our lives to him - are so much greater than the doors He closes behind us. To Yahweh and His son, Christ Yahshua, be all the Glory for a mind renewed and a life transformed!



"I've been through a lot in my life, helped a lot of people and felt a lot of pain from those who chose to drain me rather than support me. I love YHWH, I love my family, and I love people. You have to always be real about what you do and why you're doing it, who you love and why you love them, because if you're not, you're only fooling yourself and hurting others."

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