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Because lavender has the function of inhibiting bacteria, balancing oil secretion and soothing the skin, it can also be used in cleansing products. Lavender extract is added into soap and cleansing milk products. After cold sterilization and fresh-keeping treatment and issofree advanced technology application, high-end cleansing products such as lavender soap and cleansing milk are made.


Cleaning: Take 10 ml Lavender extract, water, or egg white, or milk. Apply evenly to face and rinse off in 20 minutes.


Steamed face: Before making face mask, steamed face, in order to open the pore, better absorb the mask. At this time, about 10 ml of lavender can be sprinkled in steamed face dishes. Fragrant flowers, relaxed and happy, calm and tranquilize, soothing nerves, moisturizing the skin.


Bath: About 10 ml lavender extract is sprinkled in the bathtub. Can shrink the whole body skin, provide nutrition, fragrant body beauty, relieve pressure.



Because the density of grease is smaller than that of water, the actual weight of 100 ml essential oil is less than 100 g. Most 100 ml essential oil weighs about 90 g depending on the type of oil.

Lavender Soak Oil

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