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I can still remember those days I’d find myself drawn to the lake. My whole life was in

total chaos and utter disaster. But I found peace in the stillness and quietness of the water.

Peace. Something I had always craved but could never quite grab a hold of. Peace. Something

I read about but had never experienced in my own life. Those moments at the lake were the

closest thing to peace that I could find. Sitting there on a rock with a bottle and a blunt, staring

off into the water; hoping, dreaming, praying, for something more. A new life where I could be

free from drug slanging and running from the police. I guess the water was my momentary

escape from the world I had created for myself.

I’ve often questioned why I was still here, when thinking about friends and family who

had passed on. But all I keep hearing was…I have a job for you to do. Sometimes that can be

hard to see when your life is in shambles. Though I’ve been at the lowest points where it would

have been easier to just give up on life, I’ve pressed on to see many mountaintop experiences.

I’ve overcome many odds and broken through many barriers. All Praise to The Father.

In the pages of this book I share excerpts from my life: the good, the great, the bad, and

the ugly. I’ve been up and I’ve been down. I’ve lived in big houses, and I’ve lived in shelters.

I’ve loved and I’ve had my heart crushed. I’ve been shot at, jumped, held at gun point, beaten

bloody with a crow bar and a gun. I’ve been in and out of jail, in a car accident that almost

killed someone, put out of my own home, evicted, and lost everything. And I’ve won awards

and received high acclaim; seen many come to Christ, get delivered, healed and set free. Yeah

I’ve been up and I’ve been down. Had I chosen to let any of the valleys along the way deter me

from what The Father has for my life, I would probably be in a psychiatric ward banging my

head against a wall today.

Life is a series of choices, every choice leading somewhere, resulting in a consequence.

During one of the lowest points in my life was when the Father stepped in and turned my whole

world around. I’ve learned a lot through the storms and have received life changing revelation

from on High. Let’s talk, friend to friend, about some of things I believe I can offer that will help

you to also outlast whatever storm you’re facing today. In Christ you have an eternal hope of

Glory that cannot fail. There is a victory with your name on it. No matter where you are in your

life, this is not the end of your story. Things can turn around. Things can get better. You can

choose to begin again, right where you are. You can choose to be free. It all starts on the

inside. When I was bound in my prison of sin, I had to choose to be free. I had to choose to be

delivered. Just like the weather can go from cloudy to sunny in an instant, your current

atmosphere is also subject to change. The storms don’t last always. Do you know that you

have the power through Christ to speak life and completely change the atmosphere?

The Atmosphere is subject to change eBook

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